Radio Debut

Quarter Acre Farm has hit the airwaves on KSVY Sun FM 91.3 in Sonoma, every Friday from 2:00 to 3:00pm (PST).  May 3rd was our first show with Shannon Lee of Two Moon Family Farm and Alissa Pearce garden coordinator for Dunbar Elementary School.

Shannon Lee and Alissa Pearce
Shannon Lee and Alissa Pearce

Throughout the show we discussed small farms, science education, and school gardens.  (You can listen to the show here)
I had a great time spending the hour with these ladies learning more about the wonderful work they do.

This is my first position as a radio host; it is a lot of fun but it also requires pushing a lot of buttons.  I have to say the button pushing is not my favorite part.

You need to keep your eye on the clock, switch on the station breaks at the right moment, speak directly into the mic, start and stop your music, and all the while having a relaxing informative conversation with your guests.  I felt a little like a silent octopus, quietly moving this and that so the show would sound cheerful and smooth.  But I can’t wait to get behind the mic again!

On this week’s show my guest will be Yannick Philips from the Grange.  Don’t know what the Grange is?  Well you better tune in to find out!

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