Calm Before the Storm

The bees have been busy at the farm, rushing around to every flower they can find. The blackberry’s flowers are turning into fruit, most of the tomatoes are covered with flowers, and soon the potatoes will have their flowers out too.

The blackberry patch
The blackberry patch

While the bees are busy being busy bees, I’m in a bit of a lull.  The plants are doing their thing, growing, but the start of harvest is still a few weeks away.

Resident honeybee hives
Resident honeybee hives

There is still lots of work to be done at the farm but its manageable and not urgent.  Like mowing around the edge field and starting fall crops in the greenhouse.  Since the field crops are being dry farmed this year, the weed pressure is light.  I’m really enjoying the lack of weeding.

But this lull won’t last long, it never does.  Even talking about being in a lull makes me superstitious, I’m feeling the need to knock on wood or something.  With farming as soon as you’re relaxed and feeling overly confident an issue will arise that needs your immediate attention and then you’re back to feeling like you’re behind schedule. So I’ll do my best to enjoy this moment of  slow-paced work before everything speeds up again.


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