Slowing Down

The growing season at Quarter Acre Farm is starting to come to a close.   Last week I harvested the end of the dried beans and this week I finished collecting all the winter squash and pumpkins from the field.


The tomatoes are trying to hang on as long as they can, but their production has really slowed down.  Earlier in the season I could hardly walk two feet before filling up a box with tomatoes, this week I walked an entire 100 foot row before I filled it.  Now the field is filled with drab colors; a lot of greys, browns, yellows, and even black.  It’s ready for a rest and so am I.


I’ve started to move slower cause its cold out there, the days are shorter, and we are even getting some rain. But I have started to remove the irrigation, in preparation for the mowing and rototilling which will happen before I plant the cover crop.  Once the cover crop, garlic, and fava beans are planted the field will be ready for the winter months.

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