Cheerful Cherries

I have been spending lots of time with cherry tomatoes. Their red and orange sparkle welcomes me to the farm everyday. I am harvesting the productive plants at least three times a week. This equals many hours in the tomato rows, huddled around a plant making sure not to miss any ripe tomatoes.


 After which I have to sort all the cherry tomatoes by color and ripeness into cute little pint baskets. There is time spent packing up the baskets for the farmers market and restaurant deliveries.


Then there is the tasting and eating of course. Rushing around during the summer season leaves little to no time to cook, so handfuls of cherry tomatoes make for a quick lunch. Right now I feel like a day doesn’t go by without me spending time with a cherry tomato.  Cherry tomatoes can be tedious, but come winter I will miss these summer days of endless tiny fruits.

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