Bountiful Bounty

The end of the summer and early fall is a time of great bounty. Summer crops are at their peak and fall crops are just starting to be harvested. Right now I can fill a ten pound box of heirloom tomatoes from just one plant.


The cherry tomato plants are overflowing with tiny fruits, making for what seems to be an endless harvest. Pumpkins are ready to get out of the field and the winter squash just needs, a few more weeks before its ready to find its way to your dinner table.


With so much to harvest this is a perfect time to preserve the last days of summer. Canning, drying, and freezing are all great ways to store tomatoes for use in the winter. Even though it is a busy time of year be sure to take a moment, to put up some tomatoes. You will be grateful for a taste of summer during the dark days of winter.

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