Just Keep Weeding, Just Keep Weeding

I’m still weeding the field, I mean I’m not sure it will ever end. When you work for yourself, you make the work schedule, create the tasks, you are the enforcer, and you are the employee. Normally I’m a great employee for myself, I follow the schedule, I work hard, and I’m enthusiastic about the work load. But when it comes to weeding I’m not the best. I tend to show up late, I do other small unimportant tasks, I take lots of breaks, and then I head home early. Andrea the farm owner is frustrated with Andrea the slacker weeder every season.

Wheel hoeing' the popcorn
Wheel hoein’ the popcorn

So over the years I have devised some ways to trick myself, into spending the time needed to weed. First you gotta have good tools for this tiring job, I have a hula hoe and wheel hoe but this year I brought a push pull hoe that is slicing and dicing the weeds in tight spaces with its triangle-shaped head.


Second you need to work when it’s cool, aim for early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky but whenever its sunny wear a hat and some big ol’ sunglasses so you not only feel cool but look cool (always important). Third good music to distract you from how boring it all is, I’ve got some of my favorite albums loaded onto my phone so I can crank the volume from my back pocket. Even with all this, as I’m weeding I constantly question myself why didn’t I do this when the weeds were smaller, it would have been so much easier and quicker … well there’s always next year.

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