Field Observations

Everything is getting tall. The popcorn is about hip high and so are some of their companion weeds … I did get about half the popcorn field weeded.


The bush bean plants which will later be dried beans are blooming and are reaching for my knees. With all the different tomato varieties the plants are at various heights, some are still pretty close to the ground while others are thigh high.

Saturday Night Special beans (seriously that is the variety's name)
Saturday Night Special beans (seriously that is the variety’s name)

The pumpkins and winter squash which are typically not known for their height, are stretching their vines, way out wide setting fruit and smothering weeds as they cover all available open ground.


I love this time of year because the field is so lush and green, it’s just lookin’ real pretty. Once the harvest gets into to full swing the plants start looking a bit haggard just like the farmer after a long day of harvesting in the hot sun. But for now I find myself standing back and enjoying how full and tall the field is.

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