End of the Season

Except for bagging up popcorn, I have not been doing much farm work. This time of year the labor does not involve heavy lifting. It’s the end of the year and I’m spending time reflecting on this growing season.


Thinking about what worked well, what was annoying, and what was fun.  Work enjoyment, is high on my list of how I evaluate the success of Quarter Acre Farm. No one forced me to farm and at the end of the day I became a farmer because I enjoy agriculture and farm life. I have not gone into full planning mode for next year as I still have one more farmers’ market on December 30th before the farm is officially done with 2016.


After which I’ll spend my days flipping through seed catalogs, calculating how many plants I need to grow, placing seed orders, and figuring out a detail schedule for the 2017 season. Oh and I will do so much needed relaxing.

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