Sprouts and Germination

The greenhouse is coming to life, sprouts are popping up everywhere I look.

My favorite cherry tomato Esterina
My favorite cherry tomato Esterina

No matter how many years you’ve farmed or how many seedling trays you’ve filled its alway a relief to see that your seeds have germinated. Some seeds are quicker than others; mustard and kale pop up almost overnight, tomatoes take about two weeks, and crops like celery take much longer.


Everyday I go into the greenhouse, I carefully inspect each tray to see what new seeds have awaken and are stretching their first leaves towards the sun. It puts a smile on my face to see the recently germinated seeds and I pat myself on the back for doing a good job to provide the seeds with their ideal conditions to come to life. I still have many more seeds to start but soon I will be potting up these first sprouts into larger containers as they continue to grow into healthy seedlings.

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