Farmer Stocking Stuffers

The gift giving season is upon us. Are you wondering what to get the farmer, rancher, or gardener in your life?

Well, I have some ideas for you! As a farmer I love expanding my knowledge of all things agricultural, I appreciate useful tools that are practical, and I enjoy pampering my hard working body.

Below is a list of some of my favorite items that meet one or all of those criteria. I hope this helps spark some ideas for you as your doing your holiday shopping.

Passion Planner

passion planner

I’m a planner and I prefer a paper planner because I won’t remember my plans unless I write them down. The Passion Planner has a great weekly format but it offers so much more. It is truly a tool that will help you define and breakdown your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. 

Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land
by Gary Paul Nabhan

gary paul nabhan

I’m a big fan of Gary Paul Nabhan and have read many of his books. In this book Nabhan offers readers time-tried strategies to adapt and thrive in a changing climate. The book’s detailed descriptions and diagrams show you how to implement various practices in your own backyard, orchard, or farm.

Corona Pruner Holster


I love my Corona hand pruners and for years I just shoved them into my back pocket. But they would fall out when I bent over and eventually all my back pockets developed holes in them from the sharp pruners. Then one day I made a small investment in a holster, and like magic the pruners stay secure and are much more comfortable to carry around.

The Farmer’s Office
by Julia Shanks

farmer's office

When running your own farm you spend a lot of time in the office doing paperwork. Personally I majored in agriculture not in business so I sometimes struggle with setting up systems to manage the farm’s accounting and bookkeeping. This book walks you through all the business terminology, how to set up your Quickbooks, tools to make managerial decisions, and tons of other information to create a financially sustainable farm.

Shea Moisture Rough Skin Body Lotion

Working with you hands out in the elements leads to some dry skin that needs TLC. I’m not sure about other farmers but I reach for lotion every day and not all lotion is created equal. Shea Moisture quickly rehydrates your skin and is made with high quality ingredients that are ethically sourced from women’s cooperatives in Northern Ghana.

For the Love of Soil
by Nicole Masters

It doesn’t matter what you grow or raise, soil health affects your operation. Nicole Masters has a way of explaining complex concepts that are relatable and easy to understand. This book provides growers the tools they need to take actions to regenerate their own soil resource, no matter the scale.

Gardena Latex Gloves

I used to hate wearing gloves when I was farming. I never felt like I had good dexterity with gloves on, until I tried forming-fitting gloves with a latex coating. Now I never work in the field without gloves on. When these gloves get gross just throw them in the washing machine and they come out ready to get to work. I also enjoy the bright colors because if I drop one in the field I can normally find it hiding among the vegetables.

Start Your Farm
by Forrest Pritchard & Ellen Polishuk

Even though I have been running my own farm for over 10 years I’m always interested in analyzing the way I operate my farm. This book helps you step back from your operation to identify problems or introduce you to new opportunities. Of course this is also a great guide for anyone who is aspiring to grow food commercial and is new to agriculture.

Darn Tough Socks

In the summer I wear sandals when I farm but once there is a chill in the air it is time to put on the boots. But even with really good boots your feet will get cold if your sock aren’t good. I have found that Darn Tough’s ski/ride socks are the best for working out in the field or selling at a farmers market in the winter. These sock come up over your calf and stay put, not just keeping your feet warm but helping to keep your core body temperature up.

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