Returning to the Farmers’ Market

This week I have been prepping to return to the Friday morning farmers’ market.  Getting all my supplies in order like bags, boxes, and display items.  Going to our County’s weights and measures office to have our yearly scale check up.  This is where they examine one’s scale and test it for accuracy.  Our classic hanging scale passed with flying colors and received the 2013 red seal of approval.

I decided to make new produce signs this year.  With the help from a good friend I took old redwood, fence boards and cut them into small rectangles then we covered them with chalk-board paint to create a write-able surface.  They work great and look super cute.

The making of new produce signs
The making of new produce signs

Our first farmers’ market of the season went great we had bunches and bunches of kale, collards, tatsoi, mustard greens, garlic, radishes, and popcorn for sale.  It was wonderful to catch up with our regular customers and introduce our farm to new customers. If you’re in the Sonoma area come down to Depot Park any Friday from 9 to 12:30 to check out our booth at the farmers’ market

First week back at the Sonoma Valley farmer's market
First week back at the Sonoma Valley farmer’s market

Right now in the field we are keeping everything well watered and weeding whenever we have a free moment.  Even though we are just getting into summer, we have to begin to prepare for the fall and winter.  Two weeks ago I started our fall broccoli in the greenhouse and the sprouts are up and growing strong.  The seasons move faster than you expect and as a farmer you always have to be thinking at least a few months ahead.

Tiny broccoli sprouts
Tiny broccoli sprouts

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