Field Update

I’ve been harvesting lots of radishes even with the weather heating up. But this time of year there are bunches and bunches of greens coming out of the field: tatsoi, kale, collards, and mustard.

From left to right: row cover (hiding radishes) swiss chard, kale, and sunflowers
From left to right:
row cover (hiding radishes & tatsoi) swiss chard, kale, and sunflowers

Leafy greens are packed with nutrients so you want to include them in your meals often.  One of my favorite ways to eat kale or collards is with my breakfast potatoes.  As the potatoes are cooking in the skillet, I roughly chop up the greens.  When the potatoes are about halfway done add the greens, stirring occasionally until the potatoes are fork tender.  It is delicious because the kale and collards saute up nicely even getting a little crispy.

For lunch I like to substitute mustard greens instead of lettuce on my sandwich, it adds a spicy little kick.  At dinner we frequently make pizza from scratch.  As soon as the pizza comes out of the oven I toss on finely chopped greens using whatever we have in the house.  The heat from the cooked pizza quickly wilts the greens and they really enhance the flavor of the pizza.

The popcorn sprouts have poked through the soil and I’m doing my best to keep the birds away.  Yesterday I planted 8 different varieties of pumpkins within the popcorn rows.  As the pumpkin vines grow, they will use the corn stalks as a trellis going vertical, this really helps save on space.  The pumpkin plant will also help to reduce weeds in the corn rows as it will shade the soil making it difficult for weeds to grow.

This past Sunday the farm was a buzz with cameras.  I had the absolute pleasure of being photographed by the amazing duo, Heidi & Tara, owners of In Her Image Photography.  Their specialty is capturing women at their best.

Sneak peek from the photo shoot
Sneak peek from the photo shoot

Joining their team was Jaimee a hair and make up artist who did a  fantastic job, and helped keep the wind from constantly blowing my hair into my face.  Wendi from Swoon Films was also there, filming the entire farm down to the tiniest detail.  Swoon Films will be taking all the footage and creating a short video about me and Quarter Acre.  I can’t wait to see the final images, they are going to be sensational.  When the photos and video are complete I will post them here and on our Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Field Update

  1. It was an absolute joy to spend the day with you, Andrea. We are honored to be able to tell your story through our images! Can’t wait to share! Ps. How GOOD are your radishes?!?! We inhaled them!!!

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