Heat Wave

With the heat wave we have had this past week, I have not been doing much on the farm.  In weather like this it is all about working smart or smartly working, however that saying goes.  I’m getting up super early, literally with the sun and doing whatever field work needs to be done.  I have been trying to finish up around 10am, at the very least making sure I am out of the field before noon.  Nobody wants to get heat stroke. 

Baby beets
Baby beets

The crops are doing fine, dealing with the heat like champs.  This is what I train them for, from the moment they germinate they are given water but not too much, so that they will develop long strong roots.  As the plant develops in the field these roots search for moisture and minerals in the soil.  This helps to create a robust and resistant plant, it will take more than heat to knock down these crops.

Lemon Basil & Purple Basil
Lemon Basil & Purple Basil

This week I have been harvesting lots of basil, kale, collards, swiss chard, summer squash, beets and more. The popcorn has been really enjoying this heat, the plants are about waist-high, very lush, and happy.

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