National Heirloom Expo

This week  was the National Heirloom Expo, I was able to get off the farm and spend a whole day there.

3rd Annual National Heirloom Expo
3rd Annual National Heirloom Expo

The Heirloom Expo contains an amazing assortment of heirloom crop varieties and heritage breed animals.  It’s stunning to see over 3000 heirloom varieties out on display, its like a seed catalogue come to life.

Winter squash mountain
Winter squash mountain

I also had fun running into fellow farmers and chatting with community members.

Quarter Acre's display
Quarter Acre’s display

Yesterday in preparation for the weekly CSA pick up and farmers’ market, I was picking loads of tomatoes; small ones, big ones, orange ones, red ones, even green ones.

Right now I’m swimming in tomatoes and I couldn’t be happier.  When I get some free time I’ll be in the kitchen preserving tomatoes for the winter.  Locally grown tomato sauce makes for the best winter-time pizzas.

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