Chilly Mornings, Warm Days

The mornings have become quite chilly and the evenings are getting dark, sooner than I’d like.  But even though fall is in the air I’m still harvesting summer crops, tons of tomatoes, summer squash, basil, and the last of the cucumbers.

Heirloom tomatoes at the farmers' market
Heirloom tomatoes at the farmers’ market

This is such an abundant time at the farm with summer crops still producing and the fall crops like pumpkins, potatoes, and popcorn beginning to be harvested.

Freshly dug potatoes
Freshly dug potatoes

Everyday there is so much to be harvested it leaves little time for anything else.  These September days can be a bit overwhelming at the farm but also very fulfilling, as all that you are harvesting is the result of the hard work you put in back in the spring.

Bunched up cornstalks ready to decorate front doors everywhere
Bunched up cornstalks ready to decorate front doors everywhere

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