Local Popcorn

After a long wait, our heirloom popcorn is finally ready for popping.  We began harvesting the popcorn at the end of August.

1st of the popcorn harvest
1st of the popcorn harvest

After the popcorn is harvested it needs to be shucked, and allowed to continue to dry for a few more weeks until the water content of the kernel has lower enough to allow it to fully pop.

November at the farmers' market
November at the farmers’ market

This week the Black Dakota popcorn, found its way into the CSA shares and had its seasonal debut at the farmers market.  Soon the Pennsylvania Dutch Butter popcorn will be ready as well.

The antique corn sheller I use to get the popcorn off the cob
The antique corn sheller I use to get the popcorn off the cob

I love eating popcorn it is one of my favorite foods, there is nothing like freshly made stove-top popcorn simply seasoned with salt.  It was this love of  an evening snack that lead me to start growing my own.

Black Dakota popcorn looking for a home
Black Dakota popcorn looking for a home

In the store all you see is yellow kernels for sale, it’s even hard to find popcorn that isn’t package for the microwave.  But when you grow your own food, the crop varieties can be infinite, when you have a good seed source.  So after much time spent flipping through seed catalogs, I decided on Black Dakota and Pennsylvania Dutch Butter because they looked cool, had an amazing flavor, and were certified organic seed.


3 thoughts on “Local Popcorn

  1. How big is the popcorn from both varieties Dakota or Dutch.
    Thanks Don L.
    Also how do you buy it.

    1. Don,
      I sell the popcorn by the pound. The 2015 popcorn harvest is not ready yet, it still needs a few more weeks of drying. Once it is dry and ready to popcorn I will have it available for sale online and at the Sonoma farmers market. Thanks for your interest!

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