Back at the Market

Today I returned to the Sonoma Valley Farmers’ Market for the season. This spring marks the 5th year I have been selling at this farmers’ market.

Set up and ready to sell
Set up and ready to sell


Attending the first market of season is like a celebration.   Customers and vendors, who over the years have become friends stop by, asking you what you’ve been up to since the last market and wishing you well in the coming season.

Green onions and swiss chard
Green onions and swiss chard

At today’s market I had popcorn, swiss chard, green onions, and vegetable transplants for sale.  This is the first year I have offered transplants at the market.  Since I’m always encouraging my customers to grow their own garden, I figured why not sell them the same high quality vegetable transplants that I raise for my own farm.  In coming weeks I will also have potted patio plants available for those with little to no garden space.

Tomato seedlings
Tomato seedlings


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