This Year is Different

This spring I’ve had people visiting the farm, for many this is their first time walking around my field.  As soon as they arrive I feel the need to quickly explain to them, that my field normally doesn’t look like this. That this year things are different.


With the drought the farm has limited water access and I’m doing my best to conserve the well, by dry farming. So there is not a lot of crops growing.


The field seems quiet to me.  Maybe its just because there is not a large diversity of crops to keep track of.  The tomatoes and tomatillos are growing well with only a few initial deep waterings.  The potatoes are still under ground and have yet to emerge.  Part of the field is still in cover crop and will stay that way.  Another corner of the field that had fava beans and garlic is now thick with weeds, and the birds are using it as their playhouse.

Ladybug party in the cover crop
Ladybug party in the cover crop

But back in the greenhouse it’s quite busy with lots of seedlings and pots filled with vegetable and herb transplants.  The lizards scurry around me as I start seeds, organize trays, and load the truck heavy with plants for market.

The lizards are everywhere
The lizards are everywhere



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