Sometimes You Get Behind

Thursday I finally planted dried beans, winter squash, and pumpkin seeds in the field.

Adding oyster shell and gypsum to get the field ready for planting.
Adding oyster shell and gypsum to get the field ready for planting.

When I had made my crop schedule, back in January I had planned to plant these seeds at the beginning of May.  So they got in the ground a month late.

Seeds in the ground and irrigation laid out.
Seeds in the ground and irrigation laid out.


The spring is a crazy time on the farm, everything needs to be planted.  So it’s a mad rush to mow down the cover crop, prepare the field, get the irrigation set up, keep up with the seedlings in the greenhouse, and deal with unforeseen problems.  I find that a lot of things take longer than you expect.

You get the seeder out ready to plant, but when you start pushing it through the soil you realize no seeds are dropping down, so then you gotta take the whole thing apart to figure out how to solve the problem. Or you’re setting up the irrigation and putting all the parts together, when you realize you are missing one piece that makes the whole system work, so now you gotta drive to the irrigation store cause you need the irrigation to work to finish your other tasks for the day.  Or you planned to spread straw and the wind is whipping so hard that the straw just blows right in your face and there is no way to make it stay where you want it to go.  These are things that easily delay a farm’s crop schedule, I try to not get too stressed out about being off schedule since I am the one who made the schedule to begin with.


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