Colorful Beans

Last week I harvested the first of this year’s dried bean crop.  I am growing four different bean varieties this year Tiger Eye, Jacob’s Cattle, Hutterite, and Calypso.  Each of these varieties has a distinct colorful pattern hidden underneath their pods.

Harvesting the pods
Harvesting the pods

As a vegetable farmer most crops I grow are highly perishable, needing to be eaten right way or prepared in someway for long-term storage.  But dried beans are wonderful, in that after shelling the beans from their dried pods they are non-perishable and will last for over a year in a closed container.

Tiger Eye beans at the market

I let the beans dry in their pods out in the field.  I just have to make sure I harvest them before the ground squirrels start to harvest the beans, for their own winter food storage.

4 thoughts on “Colorful Beans

  1. I’ve never grown beans to dry, thanks for the idea 🙂 And love the pattern of these!

    1. You should totally try growing dried beans. They are fun to grow and delicious!

  2. Beautiful. My husband and I were just discussing a major dried bean crop for next year. Could you recommend a favorite variety or and particulars about differences for cooking or flavor?

    1. I suggest growing a couple different varieties that can be used in a few different culinary ways like a soup bean (Hutterite) or a good one for refried beans (Tiger Eye). If you are planning to sell them I recommend growing varieties that have distinct patterns and colors, like Jacob’s Cattle. Good luck!

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