This Year, Last Year, Next Year

Last week, during a late season heat wave I had to keep reminding myself what month it was.  It was so hot outside that if I wasn’t selling pumpkins at the farmers market, I would have thought it was July.

October at the farmers' market
October at the farmers’ market

Many customers commented on how this year’s weather had been weird and that they were not having a good growing season in their garden.  But that last year’s weather had been great and their garden had produced more and looked better.

I hear the same comments every year.  But I think it has more to do with people’s perception and less to do with actual weather. Autumn is a time for reflection and the summer’s gardening trials and tribulations are still fresh on the growers mind.  With more distance you tend to only recall the successes; the new crop variety you discovered,  mornings spent in the garden, abundant harvest, and delicious home-grown meals.

Reflecting on this year's winter squash crop
Reflecting on this year’s winter squash crop

With gardening and farming every season is a fresh start, a chance to learn from earlier mistakes and get one step closer to your ideal. At the beginning of every season I remind myself that the weather will not be what I expect, that I don’t fully control what happens in my field, and that this year is unique never to be repeat exactly the same again.

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