Pumpkins, Winter Squash, and Gourds Oh My

The weather finally feels like autumn and the pumpkins are out in full force.  My farmers’ market booth has transitioned from boxes of heirloom tomatoes and tons of pints of cherry tomatoes to piles and piles of pumpkins, winter squash, and gourds.  Its time to decorate your table and door step with squash, fall is here.


This year’s pumpkin varieties include: New England Pie, Winter Luxury, Long Island Cheese, Jack Be Little, and Black Futsu.  All of them will be tasty in a pie or a curry.  For more interesting shapes and colors check of the winter squash, this year I grew: Baby Blue Hubbard, Red Kuri, Butternut, Delicata, and Buttercup.  These winter squashes will easily store for 3 to 6 months bringing you through the cold winter months into the spring.  I love using all the pumpkins and winter squash varieties as decor and then one by one roasting them up and eating them.

Black Futsu pumpkins
Black Futsu pumpkins


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