Here Comes the Rainy Season …

Last week we got rain, not much about a quarter of an inch, but every little bit helps.


With our current drought we have had so few rain storms, I admit I kinda forgot what they were like.  Thursday morning as I was harvesting in the rain, I wasn’t my normal efficient self.  I had to be mindful of the cardboard flats I was filling full of tomatoes, not to set them on the wet ground.

Yes the tomato plants are still producing #tomatoes4ever

I forgot how my clay loam soil becomes so very sticky when its wet.  It looked like I was wearing moon boots as I walked around the field.  My gloves were soaked and my pants got pretty wet too.  I didn’t have my rain gear on … I’m not sure I even know where it is.  I had put the boots, rain pants and heavy rain coat away long ago when our winters started to look like our summers.  I know I’m not alone when I say, I could really go for a long grey cloudy rainy winter.

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