One More

I’m almost done with marketing my produce for the season.  I have one more farmers’ market to attend then its a wrap for 2014.  That means just one more harvest, one more sunrise spent loading up the truck, one more morning making vegetable sales under my tent, and one more time unpacking the truck.


As much as I love selling my produce, after almost 30 straight weeks of bringing my farm’s bounty to market.  I’m ready to spend my Friday mornings elsewhere. Perhaps at my desk plotting next year’s field, or enjoying a leisurely breakfast, or maybe even sleeping in.  The winter is a perfect time for these activities as the cloudy chilly temperatures encourage you to stay inside.

One reason I love farming is for the ebb and flow of the year.  It starts slow, with the pace gradually increasing, until you’re working rapidly from sunrise to sunset, at some point it peaks and then the pace gradually decreases until you’re back in that slow period of hibernation.  The hibernation is short-lived, but greatly needed to restore the farmer’s energy and inspiration.

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