Official Start of the Growing Season

This past week, I’ve been busy getting ready to start seeding my crops.  This means cleaning out the greenhouse and organizing all the supplies.  Buying more supplies I’m low on like germination mix and plant markers.  Also finishing the planting schedule, so I know what day to start what crop and how many seeds.


Next week, the first week in February, I will be starting celery, tomatoes, peppers, basil, leeks, kale, and more.  To me seed starting is the official beginning of the new growing season, because it means I will have to be at the farm everyday to water the greenhouse and make sure everything is progressing as it should.

Cover crop growing despite the lack of rain

I’m excited for the 2015 growing season, I can’t wait to get back to the farmers’ market with organic seedlings for sale, to taste the first cherry tomato, to make an heirloom tomato sandwich for lunch, to pop black Dakota popcorn, and to pick colorful pumpkins.  2015 is going to be an awesome year!

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