Hello February

Yesterday  it actually felt like winter in Sonoma.  The skies were grey, the wind was cold, and it was raining. We are forecasted to have this weather pattern for the next couple of days and I love it.  Not only does the field need this rain as we are still in a drought but rainy days make for great days to work in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is dry and warm but you still get to enjoy watching the raindrops fall and the wildlife scurry around in the wet weather.


Most of the seeds I am starting right now are to be sold as seedlings at the farmers market this spring. So far I have started 144 basil, 72 celeriac, 72 celery, 72 swiss chard, 36 cilantro, 36 dill, 144 eggplant, 216 kale, 72 lettuce, 72 mustard, 144 hot peppers, 144 tomatillos, 216 cherry tomatoes, and lots of leek and green onion seeds.

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