It Takes Time

Last week I finally transplanted the first of my tomatoes and tomatillos, a bit later than planned. This time of year I have to remind myself, that tasks typically take longer than you expect. Such as using your new power harrow, you think to yourself, “Oh I read the instructions, watched the videos, and tested it out. I should be able to harrow this section of the field in an hour or so.” Then within the first 30 minutes of using it, I get it stuck in the field, twice.  Learning the nuances of a new piece of equipment takes time, but with many farming seasons under my belt I sometimes pretend that everything will just go as planned.

Moments before I got the Grillo stuck, the first time

So on the day I decide to put my new power harrow to work I figured I would add amendments, harrow, set up irrigation, transplants tomatoes, and totally have time to mow another section of the field. Well, in reality I only added amendments and was barely able to finish harrowing before dinner time. Then a few days later I set up irrigation and started to transplant tomatoes, I still have many tomato seedlings to get in the ground and the rest of the field is still in cover crop.

First planting of tomatoes and tomatillos
First planting of tomatoes and tomatillos

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