Everything is Planted

The entire field is finally planted. Last week I planted the last of the popcorn, a bit behind schedule but in the ground nevertheless.

The first popcorn planting is starting to come up


The tomato plants are getting big. The cherry varieties have lots of green fruit on them and the large heirlooms are covered in flowers. There will be lots and lots of tomatoes this year! Now I just need to get them all staked and trellised.

Cherry tomato variety: Juliet

The potatoes have pushed green shoots through the straw mulch and are working on getting big plump tubers for the autumn dinner table. The dried bean plants have big green leaves that are flapping in the wind. The pumpkin and winter squash seedlings are just starting to pop up in the field. Everything at the farm is looking pretty.

Winter squash seedlings reaching for the sun

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