Hot Days

Well, it is officially summer and the weather is following suit. The mornings start out bright and sunny. With the temperature quickly climbing and by midday it is way too hot to be anywhere near the greenhouse. By the early afternoon I can’t stand still in the field as my black soil is so hot its starts to burn my feet through my shoes. That is my que to get out of the sun and take a break, I go drink some lemonade and eat lunch. I head back into the field in the late afternoon as everything is cooler from the afternoon winds that blow in from the west.


These hot summer days are great for all the summer crops.  The tomatoes are growing non-stop and I even spied the first ripe cherry tomato last week.


The popcorn really enjoys the warm temperatures too, it seems to double in size every couple of days. The weeds also love these conditions and they are doing their best to out compete the vegetable crops. So right now my main task is weeding.


2 thoughts on “Hot Days

  1. Hello, My name is Alfonso and I enjoy reading your messages. I am a horticulturist who was recently uprooted from Southern California. Me and my wife have been living in Napa since October of last year. I am still trying to find my way here and right looking into possibly growing some micro greens. I know how you feel about that hot sun, it can be pretty harsh on us. I have recently been doing some landscaping for some local winery’s and such. Any advice on how I might get my foot in the door as far as growing edible greens? Take care and thank you.


    1. Alfonso,
      I just sent you an email 😉

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