Tomato Love

The tomato harvest is slowly starting to roll in.  The various cherry tomato plantings are all starting to ripen.  Even though, back in January when I was working on my crop plan I scheduled the plantings to be weeks apart from one another, to provide a steady supply of cherry tomatoes ripening at different times. But nature has other plans and I suspect soon I will be drowning in tiny tomatoes.


My 9-year-old nephew has been hanging out, at the farm a lot during his summer break. He has declared for as long as I have known him, that he hates tomatoes! Well, I finally got him to eat Quarter Acre tomatoes and this summer the farm and I have claimed victory over a long fought battle. He now proclaims cherry tomatoes are his favorite so much so he can’t decide which variety he loves more.

My nephew showing off the  cool colors of a cherry tomato
My nephew showing off the cool colors of a cherry tomato

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