You Can’t Win Them All

Every season on the farm there are things that are frustrating and other things that seem effortless. This season I am so frustrated with the winter squash and pumpkin plants or lack there of.  Last year’s all I did was prep the soil and plant the winter squash and pumpkins seeds and everything was bountiful and lush.

Winter squash and pumpkin vines in 2014
Winter squash and pumpkin vines in 2014 with two rows of beans in the middle

This season I do the same thing and the result is a plant here, one or two over there; the opposite of a lush pumpkin patch.   So I have replanted the rows, some even two times. But the result continues to be the same. I have done my best to act like a detective and uncover the problem. I have found the occasional seed hull so I believe one of the suspects has a fluffy tail, I think the grey squirrels are digging up the seeds and having a snack before they germinate. I have also noticed on the wee seedlings that do germinate a lot of scars from some jerk of an insect. But the plants that do survive only a few are vigorous, the others are just puttering along, it is oh so frustrating!

Frustrating winter squash with bountiful beans in the background
2015’s frustrating winter squash with bountiful beans in the background

As I walk away from that frustrating part of the field I enter the bushy bean plants whose seeds were simply planted and watered then, bam super healthy bean stalks appeared. I know in reality that the effortless aspect is the result of years of experience, skill, and just luck. But one’s mind has a way of focusing all its energy on the piece that’s not right.

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