Last week I found myself staring at all my crops thinking, why won’t you grow faster! It’s not that the plants stopped growing, it just feels like the popcorn has been thigh high forever and that the large heirloom tomatoes have been days away from ripening for weeks now. I literally had to look at my instagram account to prove to myself how fast everything has been growing.

Left: 6/21/15 & Right: 7/25/15
Left: 6/21/15 & Right: 7/25/15

Looking at the photos I could see that the popcorn was just a wee sprout 5 weeks ago and that my tomatoes were starting to flower a mere 8 weeks ago. So everything is on schedule and growing well, but the anticipation is killing me.


I can’t wait to disappear into the rows of cornstalks taller than me to check on the popcorn or harvest a ripe tomato as big as my hand. But I will have to wait, I don’t have a choice, farming takes time.  A big part of agriculture is patience, which I have learned over time, as I was not born a patience person. But in farming as in life the more patience you have the less you stress and worry.

1 thought on “Anticipation

  1. We’re all waiting. Hang in there.

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