Looking Ahead

The field is looking green and lush, from corner to corner there are crops growing. Some crops like the cherry tomatoes are currently being harvested while others like the dried beans are coming into their final growing stages and will be mature in about a month. Right now I’m looking around the field to determine placement of the garlic and cover crop which are the next crops to plant and will grow through the winter.


This year I figure I will plant my garlic in October where the dried beans are currently growing. The cover crop will be planted as the other summer crops are finished, resulting in various plantings. The key to planting cover crop is to broadcast the seed in sync with forecasted rain. With agriculture you have be able to handle the current work and the needs of the farm while looking ahead to be prepared for what is around the bend.

1 thought on “Looking Ahead

  1. And just how do you forecast rain these days in Sonoma County?

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