Garlic in the Ground

Last week I planted garlic. In addition to my favorite garlic variety California Early White, I have also planted an heirloom variety Inchelium Red garlic. I’m excited to see how this new variety grows and taste compared to my old favorite.


I was able to plant the garlic quicker and easier than in years past because of the new tools and equipment I purchased this spring, thanks to a Kiva Zip loan. After mowing down the pumpkin vines I prepared the soil using my fancy new power harrows. This walking tractor attachment stirs the top couple inches of the soil leaving the majority of the soil’s structure still intact. I then went in with my Hoss steel wheel hoe to create a furrow.


After filling the furrows with garlic cloves I used the wheel hoe again to push the soil over the garlic covering them up. It is amazing how the right tools for the job can make your labor so efficient. Finally I mulched the beds with a thick layer of straw to help prevent weeds. The garlic will grow throughout the winter and should be ready for harvest sometime in May.

When you run out of straw, leaves and cornhusks will work as mulch
When you run out of straw, leaves and cornhusks will work as mulch

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