Time for a Winter Break

Friday was my last farmers’ market for the year. The time has flown by since March when I arrived at the market with spring vegetable seedlings and green garlic. As the year progressed the vegetable seedling selection expanded and contracted; tomatoes arrived and left; pumpkins and gourds rolled in and finally the popcorn showed up.


Even though I will be taking a 2 month break from the market that doesn’t mean I’m not doing farm work. After the holidays I will conduct a seed inventory then jump into the 2016 farm plan. The farm plan involves seed calculations, seed ordering, the planting schedule, harvest estimates, and a crop map. I will also be going to some agriculture conferences to continue honing my craft. Oh and I still need to clean and organize the greenhouse.


Even though I won’t be at the Sonoma farmers’ market again until March 2016, there is still popcorn available for sale. This year for the first time you can order popcorn kernels by the pound online and I will ship it anywhere within the United States.

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