Organic Seedlings

The greenhouse is filling up with vegetables at different stages, some seeds have just germinated, some are wee little sprouts, others have put on their first set of true leaves, and a couple are big enough to be potted up into larger containers.


So I’ve been busy getting all these seedlings ready to go to market next week by filling up 6 packs and 3 inch pots with kale, swiss chard, mustards greens, collards, arugula, tomatillos, basil, tomatoes, and even popcorn plants.  The containers that I sell my seedlings in are fiber pots constructed of peat moss and wood pulp.

Purple Blush tomatillos

Since these materials are biodegradable you are able to transplant the plant and pot directly into the ground eliminating plastic waste and transplant shock. The seedlings grow into healthier plants because they don’t get root bound as the roots are able to grow through the walls of the fiber pot and as the peat moss breaks down it provides organic matter to your soil.

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