Cheerful Cherries

The cherry tomato plants are happy and fruitful. They are now producing an endless stream of ripe tomatoes.


I love how quickly I am able to fill up a pint basket and the satisfaction of carrying a full flat (box) out of the field is just wonderful. This year I’m growing four different cherry varieties.


Sweetie which is the classic little red round tomatoes that’s so shiny it looks as if it has a candy coating on it. Then there is Juliet she looks like a miniature roma tomato, deep red and meaty very tasty in a salad and perfect for cooking. Esterina, a super sweet bright yellow tomato that even people who don’t love tomatoes love. And new this year I’ve added Red Pear to the mix, the name pretty much describes its looks and this little guy loves to be dry farmed. From now until the frost I will be picking these tomato plants at least three times a week just to keep up with their delicious production.

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