Field of Beauty

I find myself taking photos nonstop at the farm. I mean I always take at least one photo a day to post on instagram. But right now, I have a hard time pulling myself away from being the resident photographer back into the role of farmer.

Yesterday I was walking through the popcorn just checking to see that there were no leaks or problems and I was stopping every few steps to take a close up photo of the corn tassels, honeybees, or corn ears. Every turn I was captured by another cornstalk that was more beautiful than the last. The walk through the corn took awhile, to say the least.


Then I went over to the pumpkin patch to take a quick walk through to make sure everyone was getting enough water and that gophers were not causing too much damage. But my brisk walk slowed down to a saunter and before long I was stopping at every pumpkin that was peeking out from behind its big leaves to snap a pic.

As a farmer you rush in the spring to get everything in the ground, you deal with irrigation problems, you get frustrated when pests move in, you spend nights investigating why a plant died, you dream of a bountiful harvest, and all along you are doing your best to nurture your crops so that they can grow up to be strong and healthy. So it’s with this pride that I can’t help but document the wonderful crops that are working to produce a fruitful harvest.

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