Cleaning Up For the Season

After a bit of a dry spell, the rains are back. In December this hauls any fieldwork and sends this farmer inside to stay dry.


But there is plenty of farm work to do like organizing everything in the barn, cleaning up the greenhouse, doing various paperwork, and even taking sometime to read a good book. After a busy growing season it’s nice to have less pressing work, so you can catch up on all the tasks that you’ve been putting off.

My tools and supplies are in a huge disarray. Empty tomato boxes are piled here and there, green pint baskets hide in every corner, and I’m still looking for pruners I misplaced this spring. The last time I stepped into the greenhouse was in the early fall when I took out the last of the seedlings, but those growing trays don’t put themselves away. My desk is looking pretty good but there is still stray receipts and invoices that I need to be added to Quickbooks. As much as I’m ready for a full on break from the farm, there is still work to be done before this farmer can call it quits for the season.  

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Up For the Season

  1. Thanks for the update on how a real farmer conducts business. As for myself, just growing healthy food for myself, family and some lucky friends. BTW. I’ve started to advertise my services for fruit citrus tree pruning. I would like to find more clients, is there a place you know of I can go to advertise? Thanks so much for your help as always.

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