This spring is a bit of waiting game, it feels like you are at the starting line, standing by for the race that is the growing season to begin. You are focused and ready to run but you get jittery as you wait for the starting pistol to be fired. I know there is a lot of work to be done in the field and I just want to get started but the weather is in charge of this race.

Stormy weather makes for a wet field that can’t be worked without ruining the soil structure and forming bricks. Clear cold April nights still allow frost to easily show up. So I stand on the sidelines with my trays of tomatoes which are waiting to go into the ground.

While I wait I continue starting seeds in the greenhouse and potting up seedlings to get them ready to take to the market. I know the rush of planting will start soon but my list of tasks to complete, continues to grow longer as I wait.

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