Trying to Stay Above Water

Everything is getting big at the farm including the weeds. It’s amazing what a few long hot days can do to the growth of a plant. The popcorn is up to my elbows, when only a month ago it was merely a few inches tall.

The pumpkins and winter squash have been able to keep their leaves above the flood that is the weeds. On the other hand the beans are somewhere below the surface of the sea of weeds. I have it on my schedule to save them from drowning sometime next week.

But currently on the agenda, is to finish getting those weeds away from the tomato plants. I think I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with only three rows left from the original twelve.

Even though the weeds have gotten big, like three feet big, the tomato plants have been growing tall and sturdy with beautiful yellow flowers and lots of green fruit. The cherry tomatoes have jumped into the ripening game with a few tasty ripe tomatoes per plant. Before long it won’t be the flood of weeds that I’m complaining about, but the relentless tsunami of tomatoes ready to harvest.

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