Tomato Pollination

The tomato field is starting to shape up. I have weeded six of the twelve tomato rows and so far I have been able to trellis four rows. The plants are pretty big covered in yellow flowers and many have green fruit.

Black Cherry tomato variety

I even found a few random ripe, Esterina cherry tomatoes, these tiny golden tomatoes are sweet even this early in the season. So yeah I’m a bit behind but since this happens every year, I’m not stressing … too much.

As I have been spending lots of time up close and personal with the tomato plants I have not only been happy with the health and vigor of the plants but also really pleased with the pollination. That’s in thanks to the bumblebees that have been buzzing and hanging on the tomato flowers. Although tomato plants are self-fertile, the flowers must be vibrated by wind or bees in order to release pollen for fertilization. Because of the shape of the tomato flower honey bees cannot get the pollen, so it’s up to the mighty bumblebee to get the job done.

Bumblebees move too fast to be easily captured in a photo

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