My Style

Every farmer has a style, so every farm has a different look. Farmers don’t just layout their fields differently but they maintain their crops differently. I for one ignore weeding, for as long as I can. It is not just because weeding is very boring, which it is. But I start the season by focusing my energy on getting everything planted. Once all the crops are in the ground I switch gears to maintaining the crops. Which of course means the crops that were planted earlier are typically thickly covered with weeds by this time.

After weeding the two tomato rows on the right

This week I was in my cherry tomato rows, which were the first crops to get planted in the field, removing two foot tall weeds. The cherry tomato plants seems to breathe a sigh of relief once the weeds were gone, they are getting big and need the space to continue growing.

Popcorn after cultivation

My farmer friend even let me borrow her tractor to cultivate the popcorn field. This removed the weeds on the sides of the cornstalk but I will still have to go in with hand tools to weed close between each plant.

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