Cherry Tomatoes Are Here

The workload is transitioning once again. I still have lots to weed, sorry winter squash, I’ll get to you soon, I hope. It is mid-July and the harvest season is now starting for Quarter Acre. The cherry tomatoes are ripening steadily.

Sometimes I make cherry tomatoes dance

Everyday I go to farm with plans to weed and do other maintenance work but the ripe tomatoes beacon to be picked. It is still early in the tomato season so I figure I’ll walk through the tomato rows quickly to get whatever random tomatoes have ripen overnight. But the hours seems to fly by as I fill multiple boxes. So basically very little weeding is getting done.

The cherry tomato plants are still not in full production and the large heirlooms have not even started to ripe yet, so it’s looking like this year we will have a very bountiful tomato harvest. Hopefully this farmer can keep up.  

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