Tomatoes and More Tomatoes

I’m at the farm almost every single day just harvesting, and harvesting and harvesting tomatoes. Big ones, small ones, red ones, yellow ones, pink ones, purple ones, and multi-colored ones. The plants are healthy and happy so they are just constantly loaded with tomatoes.

To keep myself engaged in the harvest I try to make it, a bit of a game. With cherry tomatoes depending on the size I can fill a flat which is 12 baskets in about 20 minutes. The heirloom tomatoes are so big this year that I can fill a flat which weights about 10 pounds, just from one plant. So that takes like five minutes, if I don’t get tangled in the weeds that seem to be protecting the tomatoes.

After I fill a certain amount of flats I let myself sit in the shade, drink water, and sometimes enjoy a cookie or two. When working for yourself, you occasionally have to figure out ways to trick yourself into being more productive than you actually feel like being. Even with all this harvesting I’m so excited to have an endless supply of tomatoes because that means I can eat as many tomato sandwiches as my heart desires.

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