Still Picking

October is here and I’m still harvesting tomatoes. The heirloom tomato plants are just barely hanging on having never really recovered from the intense heat wave from weeks ago.

But the cherry tomato plants are happy and healthy with fresh green growth and loads of fruit. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but I look at the cheerful cherry tomato plants and think aren’t you guys tired, aren’t you ready to stop producing and go to sleep for the winter?

Well I’m obviously projecting my feelings onto vibrant tomato plants. I have been steadily picking cherry tomatoes since June and it’s been a great tomato season for me but I’m totally ready for it to end. The production on the cherry tomato plants has slowed down a bit and the fruit is much smaller than it once was, which means it takes more time to fill up the pint baskets. But since there is ripe tomatoes in the field and customers still buying them, I will keep harvesting, until the plants are finished for the season. I’m just counting the days.

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