New Adventure

Over 12 years ago I moved to California with hopes of following my passion for local food systems and working in the field of agriculture. I started off creating edible gardens for restaurants and private estates. I hung around farmers markets to meet producers and fellow local food lovers. When the opportunity to lease land appeared, I jumped at the chance to start my very own farm. Through 10 seasons and many different parcels of land, I honed my farming skills to bring tasty organic produce and seedlings to my community. Through hard work and a bit of luck I was able to achieve my goal of becoming active in the sustainable agricultural scene in the Bay area.

Over the years my passion for agriculture has continued to grow and my dream of becoming a lifelong farmer has never wavered. Farming is a business and when you look at your farm operation as a business you realize how important stability is to your continued success. Without financial sustainability, no farm is truly sustainable.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I can have a secure farming future. I came to the realization that I can’t continue to farm in California on leased property and as a farmer I can’t afford to own land here. This July I will be moving back east to Maryland, where I have the ability to purchase farmland.  I will begin farming again in 2019 on the Eastern Shore.

It is bittersweet to leave the west coast where I refined my farming skills and where I have met so many wonderful people (including my husband). But I am excited to return to my home state to start a new farm and continue my agriculture adventure!

I will continue to make blog posts along the way and share my new discoveries so keep reading and keep in touch. If you are more of a picture person, follow my adventure on instagram.

2 thoughts on “New Adventure

  1. I was never a farmer in California, but I was a maniac gardener. First I gardened a small backyard plot in Oakland–producing nearly all of our seasonal produce. Then I moved to Two Rock–to rental on a chicken farm outside Petaluma–and grew a ton of food–enough for everyone on the farm. But we wanted to buy something of our own. Costs were outrageous, and all too often, wells were marginal, or contaminated. Finally, family issues sent us back to Michigan. It’s wonderful. We don’t mind winter and we’re slowly getting orchards in, and gardens and even a barn. There are things we miss, but we haven’t looked back and don’t regret the decision.

  2. Thanks, Andrea, for the food that you’ve brought to our community over the years. You are an inspiration to me and Lori. We wish you well on your new adventure and know that you and your farm will thrive.

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