Packed Up and Ready to Go

We have downsized, gotten rid of stuff, and consolidated as much as we could. Of course it is surprising how many possessions we actually have.

Everything has been packed and too our surprise the moving container had empty space leftover … to think we could have kept more stuff! But as many people told me, it is so refreshing to part with items we are no longer using. It allows you to have a clean slate for your next adventure.

I’m excited and invigorated for the change, it doesn’t feel like a struggle or even stressful it just feels natural, like a change in the seasons.

We have said our goodbyes to Sonoma, but I never look at goodbyes as final, just until we meet again. We will soon begin our journey across the country by train. You can follow along via instagram!


2 thoughts on “Packed Up and Ready to Go

  1. Fare thee well dear farmer…Sonoma will miss your energy and creativity.

  2. Congratulations–and enjoy the adventure. We did the Sonoma hop (to Michigan) almost five years ago. We’re not looking back. We love the seasons–even the snow. Here, we have space–it’s affordable and beautiful. I hope you land as well.

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