Tacos & Seedlings

The greenhouse is filling up. Almost everyday seeds are getting started and tiny seedlings are getting potted up into larger containers. This past week we seeded our second planting of tomatoes. We do multiple successions of our tomatoes so that we are able to harvest a steady supply of tomatoes from July until the frost. We also do multiple plantings of tomatoes and other crops so that we are able to bring seedlings to market that are always the perfect size for transplanting into your home garden.

This week some of the seedlings we plan to bring to the Saturday Easton farmers market are: onions, leeks, swiss chard, cilantro, snow peas, sugar snap peas, calendula, asian greens, and more.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the opening day of the Easton farmers market. The weather turned out to be beautiful and our booth was super busy. So busy that we sold out of all our tacos and quesadilla as well as our take home containers of pico de gallo, guacamole, and ceviche.

We will be bringing more to the market this week to try and meet the demand. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of our delicious foods we recommend getting to the market early (before 10am) and placing an order ahead of time through our online shop. Remember orders need to be placed by 8pm on Thursdays for Saturday pickup.

We love hearing from our customers, if you have any questions or concerns reach out. Perhaps you are looking for some gardening advice, need help troubleshooting a plant problem, or just looking for a recipe suggestion to prepare some tasty local food; we are here for you! Feel free to shoot us an email or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook anytime. 

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