Celebrate Summer’s Bounty

It is important to take time to relax with family and friends to celebrate summer’s bounty.  What better way than over a delicious meal filled with ingredients from your farm or garden.

Summer vegetables
Summer vegetables

This past Wednesday I was honored to have the Epicurean Connection host a Quarter Acre Farm dinner, all the ingredients were sourced from my farm.

The evening's menu
The evening’s menu

The menu included: heirloom tomato & cucumber salad, roasted garlic & kale pasta, green bean & carrot salad and even lemon basil water.

1st course
1st course


It was so lovely to see my produce turned into such a scrumptious dinner.  To make the evening even sweeter I was able to share a table with my parents who were visiting from Maryland.

My parents and brother, after a day of farm work
My parents and brother, after a day of farm work

So take the time during your busy summer to have a nice slow meal filled with local food and people you care about.

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